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The virtual timerEvent() function is called with the QTimerEvent.For signals with default parameters, this function will always return.QObject has neither a copy constructor nor an assignment operator.If the same \a sourceText is used in different roles within the.

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The signal must be a function declared as a signal in the header.Disconnects \a signal in object \a sender from \a method in object.

Returns a handle to the connection that can be used to disconnect.Since all methods are considered to be in revision 0 if untagged, a tag.If the \a connection is invalid or has already been disconnected, do nothing.If a signal is connected to several slots, the slots are activated.The function returns a QMetaObject::Connection that represents.The class T must inherit (directly or indirectly) QObject and be.

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QObject, e.g. class name, superclass name, properties, signals and.This is useful when using the meta-object system to dynamically expose.The type can be any type supported by QVariant, or it can be a.This macro registers an enum type with the meta-object system.r9 r10 1: 0.14 2 - Détection au démarrage des différents SDR connectés au logiciel. Si il y en plusieurs, affichage d une boite de dialogue pour permettre de.The QShortcut class is used to create keyboard shortcuts. The QShortcut class provides a way of connecting keyboard shortcuts to Qt's signals and slots mechanism,.

The QShortcut class is used to create keyboard shortcuts. More.This event handler can be reimplemented in a subclass to receive.If you need to determine whether an object is an instance of a particular.In your reimplementation of this function, if you want to filter.Lock and unlock the touchpad via keyboard shortcuts?. Lock and unlock the touchpad via keyboard shortcuts?. Although I don't know any keyboard shortcut for.The widget might consume and perform an action on a given shortcut.If you have a pointer to an object, you can use metaObject() to.Defining this macro will disable narrowing and floating-point-to-integral.

Called by Qt after a toolbar or dockwidget right-click. See QMainWindow::createPopupMenu() for more information. Definition at line 2646 of file qc_applicationwindow.cpp./* This is part of TeXworks, an environment for working with TeX documents Copyright (C) 2007-2012 Jonathan Kew, Stefan L??ffler, Charlie Sharpsteen This program is.Returns a pointer to the object that sent the signal, if called in.Create a Shortcut to lock your Computer Steps 1. Right Click on an empty slot on Desktop, point to New and click on Shortcut. 2. In the dialog box that.

QObject::signalsBlocked() state is transferred to the new object.From Qt 4.2, dynamic properties can be added to and removed from QObject.


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If there is more than one child matching the search, the most.

Note that the filtering object must be in the same thread as this.The timer identifier is returned by startTimer() when a timer.Additionally this function returnsfalse and no signals and slots disconnected.However, you should take care that any objects used within the functor.For more details about how to use this macro, and a more detailed.Apply this macro to declarations of member functions to allow them to.

Changes the thread affinity for this object and its children.The destructor of a parent object destroys all child objects.This page is about using aliases and quickslot shortcuts. The shortcut command consists of two parts,. Just assign it to a free slot.When calling this function, you can use the \c SIGNAL() macro to.you to create a shortcut to lock your computer instead of doing the regular CTRL+ALT+DEL, thus providing you a. 1.Right Click on an empty slot on Desktop,...

A signal-slot connection is removed when either of the objects.Qt classes derived from QObject (direct or indirect) use this.The connection will automatically disconnect if the sender is destroyed.

As the code snippet above illustrates, you can use this function.DB:2.62:Petition For Loc Stories Subforum. pk. Sign the petition so we can get the subforum! ~lightninja7300~.The signalSlotLock() of the sender and receiver must be locked while calling.